I´m now addicted to these lovely dolls.

And as my new sewing project for a swap, this is my first one, made in fabric. =D


Paper crafting... always!!!

What a great suggestion for a gift!! I made those cards for my granma, for her birthday.
It was great!! She´ll enjoy these cards so much, she told me! =D
Also a great suggestion to promote a business. ;0)
Wanna see more? Go here.

TAG IT!!! =D

Tags always have been a great passion of mine.
These are the recent ones I made for "Costuras de Tiana".
Handmade with her business name printed.
Yes, she LOVED them!! ;0)
If you want to order some for you, just write me.
I´ll love to help you out.


Want a GATANJO? =D

Gatanjo means Catangel (cat + angel). This lovely mix in Portuguese is GATO + ANJO. =)

If you want one for yourself or to give as a gift, just write me and I´ll be glad to help you out.

For more photos of my Gatanjos, please go here . And enjoy! =)