Want a GATANJO? =D

Gatanjo means Catangel (cat + angel). This lovely mix in Portuguese is GATO + ANJO. =)

If you want one for yourself or to give as a gift, just write me and I´ll be glad to help you out.

For more photos of my Gatanjos, please go here . And enjoy! =)


Veronica said...

Há tempos não temos contato pelo flickr...que coisa...rs
Vim aqui ver seu blog,que está linkado no meu, e adorei ver os cartões que fez. E, claro, adoreiiiiiiiiiiiiiii os gatanjos...rs
Mil beijocasssssssssss

Alison said...

These are really cute.

Iowa Sunshine said...

I have one of these and believe me, they ARE cute!! Someday i hope to get one in yellow with a sun on it. Tatiana, it's Judy from flickr! How are you? Hope your dads doing better. HUGS

Irene said...

These are so lovely! ^_^
Very compliments!